In-depth: What to know about the controversial Wellington North and South proposals

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When I started this blog, I had a goal: To take complicated issues and break them down so the average person in Wellington could understand.

That goal faced a major challenge recently with a proposal to develop current equestrian competition land into a major mixed-use club community: The Wellington Equestrian and Golf Club, with one piece on the northeast corner of South Shore Boulevard and Pierson Road and a second part on the west side of South Shore between Pierson and Lake Worth roads.

This is one of the most complicated applications and issues that I’ve seen in my time covering Wellington. It feels like there are a million moving pieces, with major opposition, and major players behind the development proposal — including a group that is backed by investors like Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods.

And although we can be pretty sure that Woods and Timberlake won’t show up to a future Village Council meeting, their backing provides some solid capital for what has become one of the most controversial and consequential development proposals to hit Wellington in about 10 years.

The Wellington got off to a rough start last month, with the village’s Equestrian Preserve Committee voting unanimously to recommend denial of the plans.

With the applications set to go before Wellington’s Planning, Zoning and Adjustment Board at 7 p.m. today, I wanted to provide as complete a look as I possibly could.

There are three parts to this:

The developers: Who are they, and why do they feel this is the right project for Wellington?

Ocala, Ocala, Ocala: I went to the World Equestrian Center to help you better understand why some equestrians say Wellington’s show grounds need a major overhaul to prevent competitors from leaving.

The opposition: Who are they, and why are they so vehemently opposed to this project?

When you’re finished, I hope you’ll take time to comment and share your thoughts on each piece, or send me a message through my Contact page. Your feedback means the world to me.

Please note: Each piece of this project is quite lengthy and will take some time to read. But I hope you find it worth that time you spend.


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