So Selfless Selfie Studio opens at the Mall at Wellington Green

Taneisha Dunkley is the owner and founder of So Selfless Selfie Studio at the Mall at Wellington Green. [Photo by Kristina Webb]

A new storefront dedicated to the art of the selfie has joined the lineup of shops and restaurants in the Mall at Wellington Green.

So Selfless Selfie Studio had its grand opening Jan. 14 in its space next to the Slime Factory on the first floor of the mall just outside Dillard’s.

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What is a selfie studio? The concept is simple, adorable — and sure to draw a lot of birthday parties. Book a session, bring your cellphone and snap photos of yourself, alone or with a friend or partner, in one of the 16 stylized selfie booths.

“There isn’t anything like this between Boca Raton and Orlando,” said Taneisha Dunkley, founder and owner of So Selfless Selfie Studio. “It’s close to home, and I knew there was definitely a market to bring this here. We’ve had such a great response so far.”

Dunkley and her husband, Brian, grew up in Palm Beach County and moved back from San Antonio, Texas, after Brian retired after 24 years in the Army. They recently moved into their home near Wellington.

“Florida has always been home for us,” Dunkley said.

The idea of a selfie studio isn’t new. There are similar locations elsewhere in the U.S., and installations like the Museum of Ice Cream and Candytopia provide experiences that immerse you in a hyper-visual world designed for taking photos. Those exhibitions have become known for hosting social media influencers and producing colorful snapshots that are ripe for posting to your Instagram feed.

It was a trip with a friend to the Texas Selfie Museum in San Antonio that inspired Dunkley to open her own selfie studio. During the visit with her friend, they took photos of each other and had a fantastic time. When Dunkley got home, the plan was already forming.

“The joy that my friend and I experienced, everyone needs to experience this,” she said.

After teaching business at the high school and college levels for years, Dunkley knew she wanted to remain in a space where she could continue her passion of working with young people.

Using her background in event planning and with a master’s in organizational leadership, she got to work looking for the perfect place for her selfie studio. The Mall at Wellington Green was the first location Dunkley approached that understood the potential of her business, she said.

“Right away, she got it,” Dunkley said of the mall’s leasing agent. “She understood my vision.”

Within two weeks, Dunkley was approved for her spot in the mall. Build-out was completed in December, and Dunkley and her family — including her husband, twin 12-year-old sons, sister and niece — worked around-the-clock to make sure they met Dunkley’s goal to open on Jan. 14.

“I couldn’t have done it without them,” she said of the help from her family.

The finished product: Eight booths on each side, and a 360 camera with a ring light and floral backdrop at the center of it all.

The space is prime for parties, and Dunkley said So Selfless is available private bookings. That would include a maximum of two hours of having the studio to yourself, two tables down the middle of the studio for food and drinks, and a red carpet for the guest of honor to make a grand entrance.

With its location next to the Slime Factory, this corner of the mall is perfect for birthday parties. On the same level a short walk away are California Pizza Kitchen, Flamango’s and Build-a-Bear. Directly upstairs is the newly opened Wonder Sweets Bakery. Also up a level and a short walk around the corner is Maha Town, an indoor playground and party venue.

Dunkley was kind enough to hop into a selfie with me in a Parisian cafe-themed booth. We giggled as the camera counted down, her posed with a tiny fake pastry, me posed with a cup of coffee that was splashing onto the table. The final result captured the joy we felt in that moment. It was a sweet moment in an otherwise very busy day.

More sweet moments could be in your future: Dunkley has two specials running right now. For $50, you and your sweetheart can book a session for Valentine’s Day. Or get your girls together for Galentine’s Day, book your session and receive adorable red heart rings to make your photos pop.

To book a session or for more information, go to


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